BORGMAN’s mission is to create and provide Fashion & Cosmetics 
for Chic… Alternatives, Aliens, Dolls, Harajukus, Goths, Unicorns and other stand-out-of-the-crowd types!
Jewelry, cosmetics, accessories and apparel that makes you stand out of the crowd, to express yourself who you truly are.
BORGMAN’s fashion vibe is a fusion of “High Fashion” and “Alternative Style”.
We only create & produce limited collections, because we believe in uniqueness.

BORGMAN has it’s roots in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Most of our products have Dutch Design,
but ofcourse we get a lot of inspiration from other countries from Italy to Japan.
Our products are made worldwide. We make sure our products are high quality and safe.



BORGMAN’s goal is to grow,
we are a new upcoming (online) brand and so we are looking for creatives to join the crew.
From Artist to investor, everybody is welcome to join the crew,
on condition you add value to the brand, the products and our mission.
We are a small crew and we’re looking for new members to expand the business.

Collaboration with us?
You can sell your products & designs on our platform under our brand,
but ofcourse you will get credit (design by [designer’s name]).
In particular case we can support and promote other brands.
We’d love to hear from you! Please send us a message and go to the contact page,
and we will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you. The BORGMAN Crew.