Fashion Trends For 2018 List

Fashion Trends For 2018 List

trouser suits

fanny packs & micro purse
bum bags and belt bags
waist belts
straw hat & purse
big statement earrings

pastel colors
bright colors (yellow, green, pink)

polka dots
plaid & check (print)
rainbow (print)
pop art prints
american prints
japanese prints
mixed prints
print on prints

wrap skirts & dresses
dresses on shirts
flowy blouses / dresses
slip dress
sheer dresses

slides (shoewear)
cinderella shoes
sock shoes
sheer socks
chunky boots
old school vans
(ugly) sneakers
curled toe sneakers

transparent Shoes and Bags
Long (plastic) gloves

velvet (material)
linen (material)
crystals (material)
corduroy (material)
satin (material)

90s skinny glasses
matrix sunglasses
tiny sunglasses

dark denim 2000s style
controlled transparency
80s & 90s style
cargo pants
power shorts
pencil skirt
fringe (clothing)
rouching / rouches
(tech) sportswear
wearing multiple handsbags
wearing layers (t-shirt under top)
fuzzy jackets
the vintage look
logo’s (t-shirt with logo)
long layered clothing
reworked trench
polo shirts
shoulders pads
wide leg trousers

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