New Collection Now Available !

Hello there borgs!  🖤👽

The new collection  is now available !

Alter Ego – Liquid Lipstick – 49 colors (41 Matte colors & 8 Metallic colors)

Lush Metallics – Solid Lipstick – 17 colors

Hyaluron Lippies – Solid Lipstick – 20 colors (with Hyaluronic Acid)

Best Of Nudes – Solid Lipstick – 8 colors

Glossified – Liquid Lip Gloss – 10 colors

BORGMAN Eyeshadow Palette – 36 colors


Now we got Matte, Metallics and Gloss! And Liquid and Solid Lipsticks! Also we released our first Eyeshadow Palette! With the Glossified – Liquid Lip Gloss we have 2 interesting colors, one is actually completely clear/transparent, so you can make any lipstick glossy! (nr.8) (Naked: A clear transparent lip gloss, essential gloss to make any matte or metallic lipstick glossy.) Also (nr.5) is a PH-level color. (Chameleon is a PH Level Pink color. It applies clear, then reacts with the lips natural PH-levels to blossom into the perfect uniquely “you” shade of pink.)

You can buy them all on Etsy.

Please check them out. Thank you.

The BORGMAN team.

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